Your generous donation will pay for and/or reduce costs of instruction by our experienced instructors, instrument rentals and maintenance, costumes, performance fees, books, supplies, etc.

Become a Patron of the arts with your donation of $500 or more. Perks include: complimentary tickets to all our events, reserved seating, refreshments, a CAPAS T-shirt, full page acknowledgement or ad on the program, and an edited video of our annual concert.


CAPAS lost its studio space during Hurricane Irene. We are now in desperate need of a new location as we are hampered by the small existing space which cannot accommodate all our classes.

The pianos are in urgent need of tuning in preparation for our showcases in May and June. Your generous donation of $20 or more is very much appreciated.

There are several children who would love to be able to study the piano, acting or dance but cannot afford to financially. Your donation would make a difference in the lives of these children.

We could also use a donation of your TIME! (and talents) You can volunteer even if it’s just a couple hours a month, we appreciate you. Help us keep the arts alive!

*send us an email, let us know how you’d like to help.