CAPAS is a community outreach and non-profit program founded by artistic director, Lola Louis. It began with a small number of piano and voice students in 1985. The program offers professional instruction in music, voice, drama, dance, art and musical theatre.

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Lola Louis’ Creative and Performing Arts, Inc. (CAPAS) is a 501(c) (3) studio-based creative and performing arts program. CAPAS aims to develop the minds, bodies, and spirits of children (four years old and up) and adults by utilizing the creative arts process.



We have also received citations and awards for our work in the community;

-Citation of Recognition from Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson

-City Council Citation- Councilman Larry Seabrook

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Annual Spring Concert

Lola Louis Creative and Performing Arts Studio presents its end-of-year concert! This is a spectacular production showcasing the students hard work and talents. You don’t want to miss it!


Classes are conducted at 755 East 235th Street, Bronx, NY. The program offers professional instruction in music, voice, drama, dance, art and musical theatre. These classes are offered to ages 3 and over. We believe its never too late to start, therefore, senior citizens are welcomed. We also offer classes to autistic and some children with special needs.


Our youth are encouraged to broaden their horizons by reading, thinking critically and participating in field trips to performances and places that develop the imagination. We believe that during the creative process, CAPAS students will gain a sense of accomplishment through hard work, discipline and fun. This sense of accomplishment can develop self esteem and confidence, which we hope will assist in the stimulation of the left hemisphere of the brain.

Give the gift of the performing arts.


What our clients say

  • Through all of my years of being at Lola Louis’ Creative and Performing Arts Studio, I have gained strength, knowledge, and life-long memories that I will cherish forever. I know for a fact that I would not be the person that I am today if I did not spend 14 of my 18 years of life in CAPAS. I have been taught such valuable lessons and I truly consider CAPAS to be my second home.

    Being at CAPAS has enlightened me of my history in all its darkness and glory. It has given me the confidence to speak up and not be subjected to the stereotype that is systematically and intentionally placed on my race by society. Through CAPAS, I was instilled with the will to reach for great heights and to not fear failure. I consider myself a well-rounded, intellectual, independent, and a well-versed person, all of which traits I’ve developed and adopted growing up in CAPAS. Of course, I’ve also been highly trained in the arts by phenomenal teachers in piano, dance, acting, and musical theatre. That background has also played a part in my outward expressions because it has helped me to develop a presence on and off stage. It is because of Lola Louis and CAPAS that my life took a turn for the better after I’ve been accepted into LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

    Above all, I’ve learned how to be true to myself, and to others and if it wasn’t for the unconditional love and support from Ms. Lola and my family, as well as the grace of my grandmother, who convinced my parents to make me take piano lessons at the age of 4 and helped me to buy my first piano at the age of 7, none of this would be possible today.

    Laianna Wright